Crowns And Bridges

Crowns and bridges are versatile dental restorations that can solve many problems. Typically, we use them for:

  •     repairing breakage
  •     strengthening teeth
  •     replacing missing teeth
  •     preventing remaining teeth from shifting
  •     improving chewing ability
  •     better appearance

You can think of a dental crown as a cap that completely covers your visible tooth. We use precious metal or tooth-colored porcelain crowns in our office. Sometimes our dentists use crowns as an alternative to extraction in order to preserve the root and original tooth structure as much as possible. Other times crowns may provide an aesthetic solution for problems like deep stains or misshapen teeth.

Dental bridges involve cementing an artificial tooth to two adjacent teeth that are crowned. This not only provides a solution for missing teeth but also adds stability to the surrounding teeth. In many cases, people need both crowns and bridges. For our patients who are not suitable for dental implants, crown and bridges offer a good alternative.

Both crowns and bridges last a very long time if you have regular dental cleanings and follow proper home care. They usually hold up for a minimum of ten years and often for the rest of your life.

Our dental office has a wide range of restoration services available to repair and prevent further problems. Don’t delay fixing your teeth. Schedule an appointment with one of our experienced dentists to see if dental implants, crowns and bridges, dentures, or some combination of these would be best for you. Whatever the condition of your current teeth, you can enjoy a natural looking and pain-free smile.

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