Root Canals

Did you know that having a root canal is often no more bothersome than getting a cavity filled? Many patients suffer more prior to getting a root canal procedure because of the infection in the roots of the tooth.

The “root canal” area is the center of a tooth that contains the pulp and the nerve. People call the dental procedure that removes the infected pulp and nerve in that area "having a root canal.”

The nerve of a tooth can become damaged from a cracked or broken tooth, trauma to the mouth or head, or serious decay. Fortunately, the nerve is not crucial to the function of the tooth - its job is to sense hot and cold. Our experienced dentists can remove the nerve and infected tissue to provide pain relief and a save a tooth. After sterilizing the pulp chamber and applying any necessary medication, we will seal the tooth with a sterile filling material to prevent re-infection.

Usually a root canal takes about 60 to 90 minutes. Your tooth and surrounding area are completely numbed so you don’t feel pain. Some individuals need a crown for the top of the tooth. We do that installation at a follow-up appointment.

If you have been in pain due to an infected tooth, you may have immediate relief after a root canal procedure. Some patients have minor pain, sensitivity, or gum inflammation after a root canal that passes in a few days. An over-the-counter pain relief medication usually relieves any discomfort.

If your have anxiety about having a root canal procedure, please speak with us to discuss your concerns. We can help reduce your anxiety. It’s important to take care of painful teeth as soon as possible. Our dentists can get you that pain-free smile you deserve.

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