Pediatric Dentistry

For more than 25 years, we have been caring for young patients, from toddlers to teens. We want to ensure that each member of your family has a healthy mouth. As both an adult and kids dentist, we have a family-friendly environment to help our littlest patients feel welcome and cared for.

With our pediatric dentistry experience and knowledge, we have developed many helpful practices. To improve children’s visits, we have the following:

  •     A children’s playroom full of toys and a TV with kid-friendly programming
  •     Televisions on the ceilings above the dental chairs so kids can watch a parent approved movie or cartoons when receiving treatment
  •     A special treasure box where children can pick a small toy when finished
  •     Goody bags for children with their own toothbrush, floss, and paste

We encourage you to bring your children with you for your own dental visits so our office becomes familiar and comfortable to them. This often leads to excitement when it’s their turn for an appointment. On a child’s dentist first visit, usually at age 3, we perform an oral evaluation while the child is on the parent’s lap. Nothing is ever forced on your child, as we want to ensure the dental experience is a positive one.

Our dentists and staff are patient and caring. They are happy to spend time answering questions and getting to know your children. We encourage you to begin good dental care early since it is critical to prevent dental and other types of disease.

An important of our practice is preventative dentistry, which focuses on maintaining the health of teeth and gums. Families can save more time and money with preventative care than if they wait for dental problems to develop.

We also provide early wisdom teeth removal for older children. With x-rays, our dentists can determine if wisdom teeth are going to cause problems in the mouth for your child. Early wisdom teeth removal is usually a simpler extraction than waiting for these teeth to erupt.

If you have any questions about our pediatric dentistry, give us a call. We enjoy being a kids dentist as well as caring for adults. Children brighten our day. Bring in your little ones (and your almost grown-up ones) for some tender dental care.

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